Moses Hydrofoil

Kit 106 - 670 - 400 Carbon Kite Race
Specifically designed and built to be the highest performing kite race foil. The 1st IKA registered 2020/2024
2,449.00 EUR
Front Wing 790 Kite/Surf/Wind - 1550 cm2
One wing for 3 sports. The self controlled lift due to the advanced inverted gull wing design will give you a big smile while kiting, surfing or pumping
399.00 EUR
Mast Vento 85 Carbon - Deep Tuttle
Optimised to deliver the best possible performance in terms of speed and manoeuvrability meanwhile reduce the ventilation
799.00 EUR
Moses Quick Mounting Kit
Assemble and disassemble the mast very easily, keeping the nuts always in the same correct position
59.00 EUR
KiteSurf Surf & Sup WindSurf