Stabilizer 325 mm Kite

Stabilizer 325 mm Kite S325

The 325 is designed to give a skatey feeling to your style, this stabilizer can be used with every kite wing of the line.

Fit only with kite fuselage

Keep always the threaded holes clean and lubricate often by using Lithium grease code [MHW033] to avoid and prevent oxidation and corrosion due to sea water.

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Pack content
1 x S325 - Stabilizer 325mm
2 x Flat Head Screws torx M6x16

Stabilizer Span
325 mm

Stabilizer Root Chord
83 mm

Stabilizer Aspect Ratio

Stabilizer Surface
221 cm2

Fuselage 1150 for Carbon mast

Fuselage 647 for Carbon mast Kite

Cover Stabilizer 325/330
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Fuselage 647 for Carbon mast Kite

White Lithium Grease